Archive and dialogue

The core work of the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s research, dialogue and archive function is to generate an integrated and dynamic information resource on the life and times of Nelson Mandela, and to undertake the research and analysis required to support all Nelson Mandela Foundation functions.

Records management

Routine correspondence was overseen. Clearance time on the Foundation’s general electronic mailbox was maintained at less than 24 hours.

For any organisation, sound records management policies and practices are of inestimable value. Especially so in the case of the Foundation's, for its current records and related information resources have the potential for becoming resources in the Centre of Memory. In the report period:

  • The new organisational filing plan implemented in 2011 continued to be subjected to close monitoring. The electronic version (EDocs) was given sustained training and monitoring support
  • New main series were designed and implemented for three programmes
  • Support was provided to both paper-based and electronic backfiling exercises
  • Two interns were supported in Masters level records management research projects

The individuals who help make the work of the Nelson Mandela Foundation a reality. Image: NMF/Debbie Yazbek